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How To Remove A Tree Safely with Kestrel

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The process of tree removal is a far cry from what you see in cartoons. If only we could cut a wedge in the base, shout “Timber!” and have it land safely with little planning. Fortunately, the team at Kestrel know exactly what they are doing, with over 15 years of tree felling and removal experience.

Here, we’re going to walk you through the essential steps of what to do and what to expect when a professional arboricultural service removes a tree.

First of all, we should stress that you should only attempt to remove a large tree if you have had the necessary training. A mistake could mean serious personal injury, costly damage to property, and serious harm to other surrounding plants and species of the habitat. Our staff are NPTC qualified and have full training in use of all tools and apparatus required.

Step 1 – Survey the area and decide on a safe location to fell the tree

Most trees that require removal by Kestrel are close to buildings, roads, other plants, or something else that doesn’t want a tree to land on it. As such, our first step is to decide on the best way to fell the tree, and plan an appropriate space for the limbs and stem to come down without causing damage or disruption.

Step 2 – Dismantle the crown

The next step is to send our qualified climbers up the tree using ropes and pulleys. From here, they will carefully start to dismantle the crown. Large limbs can be controlled and lowered with ropes when there is no clear or viable drop zone. This allows us to have full control of the process and keep everyone in the surrounding areas safe.

Step 3 – Log the stem

With the crown removed, we can now move onto the thickest part of the tree, it’s trunk or stem. Our arboricultural specialists will remove this piece by piece. They will continue to remove the rest of the tree in sections until it is small enough to fell, or just take it down to ground level if space is really limited.

Step 4 – Fell the remainder of the tree

If the space allows, the last part of the stem will be brought down in a controlled manner. This allows the remainder of the tree to be cut into more manageable chunks at ground level, making it simpler for removal.

Step 5 – Remove the stump

The stump of the tree can be left as it is or removed, usually depending on what use is planned for the cleared area. To completely remove what is left, we will bring in a stump grinder. This piece of machinery will mulch the remainder below ground level. This not only leaves a flat piece of ground to work with, but also allows the left over wood chippings to act as natural compost and provide nutrients to the surrounding areas.

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